Monday, May 4, 2015

Judo - Cole takes Gold

On Saturday, Cole went to his first judo tournament. He won first place (of course). An amazing display of courage, bravery and athletic stamina, Cole the dominated the U10 category beating every opponent he faced. Go Cole GO!!  
An awesome picture from Cole's first match.

Cole wins gold!

Friday, May 1, 2015

Cookies on the steps of His House.

The Planets

Cole finished his Astronomy course this week and I had gone to Micheal's 
to get a planet model for him to do when he was finished.  
He really is good with these kind of detailed things.  It worked out perfectly.


It was Evie's and Nolie's party birthday this month and it was at Lil-Rays retiles, which was awesome!!

knitting for little house on the prairie

Mom:  Essy and I are reading through the Laura Ingall Wilder books and I am loving it and Esther is falling a sleep.  It's perfect.

My knitting has taken on a 1800's look... you are what you read.